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National Poetry Week Poems


I don’t need a Bell Curve

showing the Probability of Distribution

nor an economist theorizing

about the Positive Externalities

this is no pie in the sky nor castle in the air

although this is a novelty for me

an invention of a future

love is a collaborative result

a breakthrough in this human’s knowledge

an altruistic patent knowing I can love again

because necessity is the mother of invention

and we invented you and I

put into practice love after fifty

according to the five Laws of Limitations

(Diffusion of Innovations)


~ you found me on the net after thirty years


~ you in Ireland me in Oz and Messenger


~ both agreeing to Explore the Possibilities


~ your plane landing at Perth Airport and that hug

and Confirmation

~ yachts and vows on Hillarys Boat Harbour

Frances Macaulay Forde © 2007

Performed at Poets Corner on Sunday 8th September as part of National Poetry Week and in keeping with one of the themes; 'invent'. Posted by Frances.

2007-09-10 01:26:42 GMT
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