Poets Corner @ Pages Cafe
PERMANENTLY CANCELLED. Contact: Frances Macaulay Forde for more information.
National Poetry Week ~ Poets Corner 8th September 2007

Poets Corner @ Pages Café

8th September 2007

National Poetry Week themes:

Invent ~ Cabinet ~ Blank ~ P-Tunes

Forensic ~ Plastic ~ Ripple ~ Letters

Guest Poet & Host

Glen Phillips

His invited guests were:
Shane McCauley ~ Andrew Lansdown
Mardi May ~ Andrew Taylor
Frances Macaulay Forde
with the usual OPEN MIC participants

Anne Marie ~ Sally Clark ~ Rob Stafford ~ Janet Jackson

Rob Greenwood ~ Deanne Leber ~ John McBain ~ Rose van Son

Jenny de Garis ~ Caroline Sandbridge

The afternoon was also recorded on DVD by John McBain

Poet's Corner @ Pages Cafe
State Library of Western Australia
Alexander Building
Perth Cultural Centre
Western Australia

at 2.00pm in Pages Café

Kindly supported by State Library of Western Australia

Pages Café in the Alexander Building, Perth Cultural Centre.


Potted History of Poet’s Corner & Philosopher’s Cafe:

Some years ago, writers met regularly in the State Library and called the event Philosopher’s Cafe.

In Aug & Sept 2005, Frances Macaulay Forde called WA Poets to return to Philosopher’s Café ~ 26 poets enthusiastically responded. Because of the tremendous response, Frances initiated Poet’s Corner in Pages Café for the full week of National Poetry Week during the WA Spring Poetry Festival 2005 and 55 poets participated.

It was a huge success and culminated in the publication by Frances of a limited edition and not-for-sale chapbook, ‘Poets Corner ~ Pages Café ‘05’ which is now lodged at Libraries and associations all over Australia.

Lily Chan kindly took over the monthly event for a few months during 2006 but Lily’s career in law had to take priority.

Deanne Leber kindly hosted the event for a few months until recently, now she’s focussed on her PhD.

Coral Carter has been a wonderful stand-in and will return as a special guest host during WA Spring Poetry Festival on the 13th October 2007.

Frances Macaulay Forde never really left but now returns as host. Ebbs and flows. Perth poets have clearly demonstrated their need for an accessible venue to welcome poets from all over to share their words… we’re still going!

Usually the 3rd Saturday of every month.

Except OCTOBER for the

WA Spring Poetry Festival 2007

13th and 20th October 2007

Contact: Frances Macaulay Forde or Poets Corner WA

2007-09-13 15:46:24 GMT
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