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Poet's Corner ~ 21st October 2006.
We had a super turn-out for Poet's Corner October ~ a plethera of poets! 

Janet Jackson opened up the afternoon with her usual aplomb followed by our invited guest Frances Limb.  Unfortunately for whatever reason, Marilyn King didn't arrive but Peter Jeffrey shared his new Maori poem as promised and paid Deanee Leber the ultimate compliment citing her new 'Book of Days' as his inspiration. 

We had plenty of poets wanting to employ the Open Mic too.  It was great to finally get Trisha Kotie-Ewers to read ~ I particularly enjoy her poetry but don't hear enough of it.  When's the book coming out Trisha?  Caroline Sandbridge had us all giggling again.

Zan Ross and Coral Carter were holding a workshop earlier in the cafe but stayed on for our event, even reading a poem or two.  Matt Turner is gaining confidence every time her reads and this time, bought a friend who seemed to be enjoying the readers as you can see in the photos.  A final two were Maggie (sorry don't remember the surname)  and Helen Child with her Elvis impersonation.  

Four other poets elected not to read but just listen this time but will be back next month, perhaps with a poem to read.  We'll look forward to that. 

But the day belonged to Deanne Leber who galliantly stepped in for me as host because I had forgotten my glasses (*!!!@~?*), a month earlier than she expected and did a marvellous job! 

Deanne will take over hosting from now... as promised but please contact us through this website if you'd like to be scheduled to read.

An enjoyable afternoon;  an eclectic mix of voices ~ many speaking publically for the first time. 

Personally, it's a big thrill for me to see poets blossom from the terrified and shaking to the calm, measured delivery of confidence. 

I'm sure that's why I've always supported writers so vehemently! And it often comes back to a regular and familiar venue. Poets are very comfortable and feel most welcome at Pages Cafe ~ they are! 

As Maggie said to me when she was leaving: "This is just what I needed ~ all this poetry!  I was feeling jaded but this atmosphere is inspiring!"
2006-10-23 07:17:09 GMT
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