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WAPI AGM & CTV 'Spring Poetry Festival' Screening


Dear Members & Committee,

THIS SATURDAY (10th Nov @ 11.00am), the DEBUT SCREENING of CTV’s “Spring Poetry Festival” program, featuring our own Deanne Leber and Afeif Abdelrazig, as well as Dennis Haskell and Don Blundell-Wignall. And directed by Peter Jeffery!

The AGM is being held this coming Saturday, so please get your Committee nominations in NOW!! We have a few reports to give, some General business, but we’re hoping to keep it light and economical!

We'll have tea, coffee and biscuits, so please bring your own mug so we can all have a drink and enjoy the program. Zan’s bringing some coffee and her urn, Helen’s got the tea, and I’m bringing the TV and DVD for the screening.

Also, very important Committee members: if you’re planning to stand aside from the Committee, please CANVAS your fellow poets and friends for a potential replacement! Just a little thought that will help us make a smooth transition to a new year.

And please let me know what you’re bringing along on the day so we’re well catered for.

Don’t forget to bring a friend!


Lucas North, WAPI Chair


Posted by Frances from Poets Corner @ Pages Cafe.

2007-11-06 00:32:42 GMT
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