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Tracy Ryan's Book Launch

(All photos by Jessica McCallum © 2008)

Well! There wasn't a spare chair in Pages Cafe for our very special Poets Corner : the launch by Andrew Taylor of 'Scar Revision' by Tracy Ryan with Publisher Ray Coffee from Fremantle Press.

Tracy was absolutely wonderful!

After sharing some of the poems from this her latest collection, Tracy also answered some questions about her poetic process and experiences.

If anyone has done a review of the afternoon, please send it to me, so I can post it here.

Many photos were taken of those who attended and if you were there, they'll be in the mail to you soon.

Poets included Glen Phillips, John Kinsella (of course), Dennis Haskell, Beate Josephi, Deanne Leber, Sarah French, Nandi Chinna, Janet Jackson, Coral Carter, Trisha Kotie-Ewers, John McBain (also filmed the afternoon), Rose van Son, Hell Child, Caroline Sandbridge, Ron Oakley, Frances Hutt, Gabby Everall as well as many other regular attendees of Poets Corner.

Also Clive Newman from Fremantle Press, Rob Finlayson from ArtsWA, a representative from the local press, family and friends of Tracy and the poets made up a very enthusiastic and full (standing room only) audience. The atmosphere was as warm and inviting as it always is at Pages Cafe.

We're very lucky to have the venue. I sincerely thank the staff of Pages Cafe for respecting our speakers and also the State Library who provide a microphone for our use.

Most of all thank you to the poets who come each month and support Poets Corner @ Pages Cafe!

Contact Frances.

2008-01-20 12:09:15 GMT
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