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Anzac Day ~ 2008

My father was a Squadron Leader in the RAF, awarded a D.F.C and flew Lancaster bombers.

My Uncle was a Captain of a British Navy Submarine, another lost both legs in the Second World War.

When my son was a Reservist in 2003, I was terrified the Australian Government would send him to Iraq. 

He would have been proud to go.

How brave a person must be to give their life in the service of others...  I am proud of them all.


And we will remember them,

brave soldiers all

who raised the trumpet

and answered the call,

marched in straight lines

to the war, in tin hats.

How many, these days,

have the courage for that?

Can we take heed and listen,

learn lessons or care?

And never send our young people

to die 'over there'?

Frances Macaulay Forde © 2008

2008-04-25 07:13:01 GMT
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