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Last Tuesday John Kinsella asked me to read one of my poems at his latest book launch - http://fremantlepress.blogspot.com/2008/04/book-launch-shades-of-sublime-beautiful.html

As you can imagine, I was a bag of nerves reading with the illustrious John, Tracy Ryan and Dennis Haskell but it seems my poem went down OK.  Even though it was very short, it packed a punch and seemed to encapsulate the themes of John's book very well.  So thank you for the opportunity, John.


I've recently updated a few of the pages regarding recent Poets Corner events - Jan to April... so if you have time or the inclination, click here:

http://www.poetscornerwa.com/PoetsCornerFeb08.html Vivienne Glance & the Slamming poets

http://www.poetscornerwa.com/PoetsCornerMar08.html Afief Ismail - Sudenese poets & friends.

http://www.poetscornerwa.com/PoetsCornerApr08.html Veronica Lake and her Primo Lux  student poets.

A notice regarding the upcoming May 17th Poets Corner @ Pages Cafe event will follow this message.

May your muse always amuse!

2008-05-08 17:06:42 GMT
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