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Singing Poetry - The Lieder Society

Received this recently from Kathy Brown a.k.a. Ermintrude Blenkinsop:


It occurred to me the other day that anybody interested in poetry might well be interested in the Lieder Society.      All songs, whether French chansons, English "art" song (so-called), ones in Italian or Spanish as well as specifically German Lieder are, of course based on poems, so that each singer plus piano is indeed a "duo"; one is nothing without the other.   

I've been going to these recitals for many years (two seasons a year - Autumn and Spring) and they are great, with different and usually excellent performers, so I wondered if you thought it a good idea if I asked the Lieder Soc. Secretary to pass on info. about the recitals, for you to pass on to your e-mail list people?    Not to be pushy, just a genuine desire to share enjoyment of "poetry set to music".

Best wishes,     

Kathy Brown

2008-05-19 06:51:41 GMT
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