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River Road Press ~ Carol Jenkins

A couple of years ago I did a copuple of 10 week on-line poetry workshop with Australian Poetry Centre run by Ron Pretty ~ Carol Jenkins was a fellow participant at one of them. 

Since then, I've been a huge fan of her poetry and  just received an invitation to the launch of 'Fishing in the Devonian'.  I'd love to go but as it's over East and I'm way out West  I'll have to be content to buy my copy of the book, wait eagerly for the mail to arrive, then look forward to news of the CD.

Here's an EXTRACT from her website RIVER ROAD PRESS :

'Carol Jenkins is a poetry lover who wanted to be able to listen to poetry on her iPod, so she just got out there and made these recordings.

‘One of my aims in producing the River Road Poetry Series was to provide a user friendly media for literature. The CDs each have somewhere around 35 to 40 minutes of poems, except for Susan Hampton’s fabulous verse novel The Kindly Ones which runs for 80 minutes

Though people might initially balk at the idea of analysing a collection of poems, they needn’t worry, whatever you can say about a novel, there is an equivalent in a poem. Poems have a storyline and an emotional message -the emotional content is usually the first thing that arrives -Often I find I’ve got the emotional impact way before I’ve even understood analytically what I’ve read. A good poem thrives on repetitive reading, it’s carried by the natural music of the poem.

Luke Davies told me he had been playing the same CD of someone reading John Donne in his car for months. Now imagine if you could hear John Donne reading John Donne. A buzz? That’s what I want, for people in the year 2308 to hear Luke Davies read Totem Poem and Judith Beveridge read “How to Love Bats”.

You can just listen to the poem and say how it make you think, what it inspires in you, how it makes you reflect on your own history . Or you can talk about the formal elements. In every poem there is a narrator, a form, like a sonnet, you might get a rhyme pattern, figurative language and, most importantly, a point. You can pick recurrent themes, references and layers of meanings.

The poet’s reading gives a lot more interpretative information, their intonation, accents and pitch, this all works to help the listener understand the poem.’

Australian poetry is thriving and the River Road Poetry Series is a great introduction to the best of it. Load them into your MP3 player and talk a walk, or listen to the CD while you’re in the car on the way to Book Club. '

RIVER ROAD PRESS:  http://www.riverroadpress.net

2008-08-07 13:49:14 GMT
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