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POET PARTNERS ~ Poets Corner @ Pages Cafe 16th August 2008.

GUEST HOST ANDREW BURKE has invited well-known  W A Poet Partners to Pages Cafe on 16h August 2008.

Glen Phillips & Rita Tognini

Glen Phillips was born in Southern Cross and spent his earliest years in country towns. His most recent books are: Contrary Rhetoric (2008, co-edited collection of John Kinsella’s lectures on landscape and language), Lines in the Sand (2008, co-edited collection of new WA poetry and prose) and Spring Burning: New and Selected Poems (1999). His Sacrificing the Leaves (1988) and Lovesongs, Lovescenes (1991) were earlier collections.  Glen has poems published nationally and internationally and his work has been translated into several languages. Numerous poems and stories have also appeared in some fifty anthologies, journals and newspapers in Australia, America, Britain, Italy, India, Korea and China. He has been invited to perform at poetry readings in most of the above-mentioned countries and in Singapore, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Denmark and Switzerland.  In 2006 he completed a PhD in Creative Writing at Edith Cowan University, entitled Land Whisperings and a Poetics of Newplace and Birthplace. Currently he is working on a host of book projects, including three new collections of poetry, a volume of short stories, several novels and some books for children.

Rita Tognini arrived in Western Australia from Italy at the age of seven. She has worked as an educator and has published poetry and short stories in various Australian journals.  She’s also a member of the Australian Federation of Modern Language Teacher Association.

Marcella Polain & Mike Williams

Marcella Polain was born in Singapore and immigrated to Perth when she was two years old, with her Armenian mother and Irish father. She has a background in theatre and screen writing, and now lectures in the writing program at Edith Cowan University.   An award-winning writer, event founder, editor for national and WA journals, her poetry books have won the Anne Elder Prize and been short-listed for the WA Premier’s Poetry Prize, her latest Therapy like Fish, will be published this year.

Mike Williams was born in England in 1948 and came to Western Australia in 1963. His two novels Old Jazz and The Music of Dunes are published by Fremantle Press. He has had poems and short fiction published in various Australian journals. He is working on his third novel,The Driftwood Chair. Landscape and Music are the driving forces behind his writing. He works fulltime in a bookshop and lives with his partner, also a writer, his two stepsons, a rotund spaniel, an idle cat.

Frances Arnett Sbrocchi  & N.J (Jim) Cornish

Fran Sbrocchi and Jim Cornish both widowed, met at Tom Collins House

fifteen years ago. Jim, a Fremantle boy had been a sailor, soldier, carpenter, civil servant; Fran a Canadian teacher and lecturer. Both wrote poems. Rob Finlayson, knowing Fran's work as a library teacher asked that she set up the new library in the house. Jim offered to help. Soon the office was wondering about the laughter emanating from among the boxes of books. Now well into their eighties they are still laughing and still writing.

Andrew Taylor & Beate Josephi

Andrew Taylor was born in Warnambool, Victoria, and studied at Melbourne University. He is the author of twelve books of poetry, the libretti of two operas and, with Beate Josephi, translator of an anthology of German and Austrian women's poetry. He was regional winner of the Commonwealth Poetry Prize in 1986, and won the Western Australian Premier’s Prize for poetry in 1995. He is a Member of the Order of Australia and was until recently Professor of English at Edith Cowan University.     In ‘Collected Poems’ he gathers together all of his  published poetry from the last 35 years, and adds to this a substantial body of new unpublished material. Ranging through explorations of relationships, landscapes, cultures and political issues, Taylor’s work delights in the physical world and celebrates the regenerative power of love in a life and working relationship he’s shared for many years with  his wife Beate Josephi.

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