Poets Corner @ Pages Cafe
PERMANENTLY CANCELLED. Contact: Frances Macaulay Forde for more information.
National Poetry Week @ Pages Cafe ~ 30th August 2008

Although we have our regular Poets Corner @ Pages Cafe on 16th August with Andrew Burke & Poet Partners, we will also hold a SPECIAL EVENT for National Poetry Week.

In the true spirit of National Poetry Week we're going to do something completely different  to engage with poets, audiences, communities, artists and students.

On 30th August 2008, Poets Corner @ Pages Cafe will invite everyone to take part in a spectacular  OPEN MIC which will last all afternoon from 2pm to 4.30pm.  

We'll invite all poets to read a poem they've written on this year's themes:  Screen ~ Shop ~ Suspect ~ Space ~ I,eye ~ Friend ~ Cast ~ Save in the spirit of total inclusion.

If this is the first or the last poem you've ever written on our themes for National Poetry Week join in the fun ~ inspire your fellow poets and share your words with our audience.

Register with your host Frances Macaulay Forde on the day and keep the surprises coming.  If you've ever wanted to read but not done so, so far - now's your opportunity...  See you there!

2008-08-12 01:56:46 GMT
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