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INDIGO Survives!


indigo survives!

indigo has survived its first challenge—indigo's own overwhelming and unexpected success.

Before the end of its first year indigo sold out of volume I and there are only 100 copies left of volume 2. indigo is found in 21 bookshops around WA and has already 250 subscribers. indigo raised eyebrows in the eastern states attracting attention and reviews, and seven indigo contributors have had their own books published in the last year. This is a phenomenal success for any fledgling journal.

While this achievement is to be celebrated, the commercial success of indigo put a strain on the voluntary resources of Out of the Asylum Writers' Group (OOTA).  Faced with a decision to close down indigo, OOTA management committee accepted, fellow member, Jaine Konarik's offer to publish indigo through her new publishing house, Tactile Books. While this was an emergency move, there is a great synergy between indigo and Tactile Books if not only because the impetus for Tactile Books came out of Jaine's volunteer work with indigo as marketing manager.

To ensure indigo's success Jaine asked me to continue as managing editor and I am more than enthusiastic to continue the job. While I hoped OOTA could have housed indigo for some time into the future, it is clear that locating indigo within a commercial environment provides the exact set of resources for indigo to prosper.

To celebrate indigo's continued existence, as well as raise funds to consolidate its future, a MOVIE NIGHT EXTRAVAGANZA is planned. A special showing of 'BRIDESHEAD REVISITED' at the WINDSOR THEATRE ON SUNDAY 26TH OCTOBER. Attached is a flyer providing more details and I do hope you will attend with a large entourage of your friends.

But most of all, I am pleased to announce that we will be publishing indigo volume 3 in early February next year. I am looking forward to the launch of this volume a little more than our first two, since this volume marks in real time the enormous work that has gone into the transition of indigo from Out of the Asylum into Tactile Books.

Thank you for your continuing endorsement and support of this most exciting literary project.

Yours Sincerely

Donna Ward

managing editor

indigo journal


2008-09-10 01:25:46 GMT
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