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FAWWA - 'An Audience with Gen X & Y, on writing Z.'

Fellowship of Australian Writers (WA) Presents

‘An Audience with Generation X and Y, on writingZ.’

Tom Collins House hosts a rare reading and discussion forum featuring four of Western Australia’s rising literary practitioners. Come to question and listen to the future hopes and directions of your local younger writers, and hear some fine wordsmithing, too.

Lily Chan ~ 2006 FAW Young Poet-In-Residence

Simon Cox ~ KSP’s current Young Writer-In-Residence

Arianne O’Connell ~ E.C.U. Phd candidate

Lucas North ~ F.A.W’s Emerging Writer-In-Residence and Varuna veteran

All welcome, gold coin donation only!

This coming Saturday 20th September

Noon, Tom Collins House (FAWWA), Wood Street, Swanborne, WA

for more info contact www.fawwa.org.au, or call 9384 4771


Who’s Who? and what they do…

LILY CHAN is a non-practicing lawyer who is currently
studying fine arts at TAFE. Her poems, short stories and book reviews
have appeared in various online and offline magazines. She has won
prizes in national short story competitions and was the Young Poet in
Residence at TCH in 2006. She likes to read Rumi and kidnap her
friends' cats. She has recently adopted Harrison Ford, a vegan cat.

Says Lily: ”I am writing a biography about my Japanese grandmother, Toyo
Chan (who married into a Chinese family at a time when Sino-Japanese
relations were far from friendly). Toyo has Alzheimer's disease. The
biography is divided into two distinct streams, the past and the
present, both of which are from her perspective. It is written in a
poetic prose form in which I explore issues of fragmented and
constructed memory, illusion, abandonment and cultural identity.”

SIMON COX is a poet and prose stylist working on a small collection of poems
to take to the National Young Writers’ Festival in Newcastle, NSW, this October.
This self-published collection will be called either 'Beauty in Biopsies',
or 'Book Lung' or 'T.S. Eliot Was Scared of Girls', depending on Simon’s
mood. Simon helps organise Perth's monthly spoken word showcase 'Cottonmouth',
and is currently the Young-Writer-In-Residence at the Katharine Susannah
Pritchard Writers’ Centre. K.S.Pritchard wrote the Australian
literary classic 'Working Bullocks'. Simon Cox is writing a poem about extinct
Austalian megafauna. Simon has few hobbies and no pets.

Arianne O'Connell is a PhD student at ECU, and is currently writing a novel,
Whip! , as part of her PhD project. Whip! is a blackly comic take on the
machinations of a struggling ice cream company, (Whip!), which is searching

for a Superhero Product to save it from a haemorrhaging bottom line. After
trying to spin a woeful profit outlook to its global parent company,
Synteraa, Whip! seems destined to become the B Side in a merger with MILKZ -
a more successful Synteraa sibling. As Whip!'s employees plot and scheme
to ensure a place in the looming restructure, events take a terrifying turn and
chaos reigns.

Arianne is also writing a number of children's picture books and a chapter
book for younger readers, Rastus Pirate Thistle Rides the Waves. Arianne
has worked in publishing and as a journalist and PR in Australia, Japan
and London. She has had work published in The Weekend Australian's Review,
Kansai Time Out and Nagoya Avenues (Japan). Arianne is a member of the
Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, the Australian Society
of Authors, OOTA and the Fellowship of Australian Writers. She lives in
Perth with her family.

Varuna veteran and ECU graduate, Lucas North is currently the FAWWA’s
Emerging-Writer-In-Residence. He is currently completing a poetry
collection (Ramadan On the Farm) and an 'outback noir' novel, Cut Snakes,
climaxing in the 1934 Australia Day Race Riots, which left the goldfields burning.

North's eleventh novel follows a Kalgoorlie Doctor to a lonely outback farm
where he is too late to save a young one-punch victim. Eager to prevent
the boy's father (Vern Tardell) acting on any vigilante impulse, The Doctor
gives chase. But Tardell has kidnapped a boy he is convinced led the gang
responsible for his son's murder, and he is hunting two more boys. A captive
of circumstance, The Doctor becomes complicit in Tardell's vengeful scheme
when they 'crash-land' at The Sultan's, home to an ancient Afghan cameleer
and his young, part-indigenous family.

Inspired by a true story and drawing heavily on North’s own kidnapping outback

experience, Cut Snakes is a siege-mentality literary thriller and morality tale

for every would-be outback adventurer.

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