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PERMANENTLY CANCELLED. Contact: Frances Macaulay Forde for more information.
Goodbye Poets Corner!

GOODBYE Poets Corner:

As the initiator, facilitator and host of Poets Corner @ Pages Café, I'd like to sincerely thank everyone who's had anything to do with the event for their most valuable and much appreciated support and encouragement over the last three years, and say goodbye.


Even if Poets Corner @ Pages Café  was never 'cool' according to Janet Jackson, I'm proud to say the chapbook, website, photos and blog have played a vital though often unacknowledged role in the Poetry Community of Perth.


Poets Corner @ Pages Café was a unique and free event:  It was important to have somewhere central to the City, so the State Library in the Cultural Centre was easy to get to by bus or train. My Saturday afternoon event (daytime as opposed to evening) intended to encourage the general public to attend, which they did. 


By promoting and supporting many poets, the event often provided first performance opportunities for those who were new to the Perth Poetry Scene, alongside well-known and highly-regarded academics.  It's great to see those same Newbies are now printing their own chapbooks, running blogs and events.


Of course, Poets Corner could not have happened for the last three years without the on-going and much-appreciated support directed by the then Minister for the Arts The Honorable Sheila McHale to staff at the WA State Library and of course, Pages Café. 


Or vitally, the poets who most generously gave their time over the last three years to Poets Corner either as hosts or invited guests for no fee (many more than once) when they would earn one elsewhere.




Afeif Ismail Abdelrazig

Rosanne Bersten (Melbourne)

Peter Bibby

Donovan Blundell-Wignell

Ross Bolleter

al boyd

Andrew Burke

Coral Carter

Lily Chan

Nandi Chinna,

Liana Joy Christensen

Sally Clarke

Sue Clennell

Hal Colebatch

Irene Connor

N.J (Jim) Cornish

Suzanne Covich

Simon Cox 

Emma Crook

Miranda Crothers

Jenny de Garis

Jen de Ness & Bill

Lucy Dougan

Marlia Douglas

Meg Dunn (Melbourne)

Gabrielle Everall.

Alex Falconer

Terry Farrell

Sarah French

Tiffany Garvie (Paris)

Maureen Gibbons

Kevin Gillam 

Vivienne Glance

Raymond Grenfell,

Danny Gunzburg.

Helen Hagemann

Ashley J Higgs

Debbie Hills

T.A.G. Hungerford

Janet Jackson

Peter Jeffrey

Murray Jennings

Pat Johnson

Beate Josephi

Desmonda Kearny

Marilyn Dorothea King 

Trisha Kotai-Ewers

Mike Ladd 

Veronica Lake

Paul Langford

Brian Langley.

Andrew Lansdown

Deanne Leber

Elizabeth Lewis

Frances Limb 

Dosh Luckwell

Mardi May

Frances Macaulay Forde

John McBain

Shane McCauley

Megan McKinlay

Glad McGough

Graeme Miles

Heath  Miller

Ann Morgan 

Lucas North

Susan O'Brien

Ron Okely

Alvin Pang (Singapore)

Wayne Pantell

barry parsons

Rachael Petritis

Glen Phillips

Marcella Polain

Dorothy Porter

Primo Lux Poets

Bruce Russell

Zan Ross

Tracy Ryan

Trisha Saggers

Frances Arnett Sbrocchi 

Cecily Scutt

Maureen Sexton.

Steve Smart

Flora Smith

Kate Smith

Dov Spinks

Klyth Tan 

Andrew Taylor

Barbara Temperton

Kriston Terbutt (Melbourne)

Rose van Son

Rita Tognini

Walter Vivian

Donna Ward

Amelia Walker (Melbourne)

Samuel Wagan Watson

Julie Watts

Mags Webster

Miriam Wei Wei Lo

Annamaria Weldon

Mike Williams

Fay Zwicky


(If I've missed anyone off the list, again - I do apologize.)


Thanks also to those who allowed me the privilege to either host the launch of or feature their books such as T.A.G. Hungerford, Andrew Taylor, Tracy Ryan, Deanne Leber, Afeif Ismail Abdelrazig, FAWWA, etc. 


It was always my intention to have guest hosts and many have stepped up to the mike for what is mostly an underrated but important role:  Glen Phillips, Lily Chan, Coral Carter, Andrew Burke, Deanne Leber and Andrew Lansdown. (If I've forgotten anyone, I'm sorry.)


Personally, I've enjoyed all the words, enthusiasm for poetry and each contribution to sharing and building a viable Poetic community here in Western Australia since that first flying-by-the-seat-of-our-pants but highly successful WA Spring Poetry Festival in 2003.


Nine days of amazing events where Maureen Sexton and Lynn, al boyd and I set the ground-work for so much more to come, even though we all ended up burning ourselves out.  Well done to all those who continue to organize or facilitate, host and encourage others.


I've watched with pride, as many poets who'd never performed in public before appearing at Poets Corner, now confidently stride onto various stages at the many poetic events which happen around the Metro area. 


Still, I'm very proud of Poets Corner, that's why, if I can't devote the same amount of time and energy, I must bow out.   So Poets Corner is no more. 


May your muse amuse…


2008-10-20 17:13:44 GMT
Comments (2 total)
Hello Maureen
I certainly enjoyed your Poets Corner! Reading there was just wonderful and listening and getting to know the other poets was a real treat. All the best, Rose van Son
--Rose van Son
2009-01-28 08:30:07 GMT
Author:Poets Corner WA
Thanks Rose,
I'm Frances Macaulay Forde - but I do appreciate the kind words.
2009-01-28 09:29:56 GMT
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