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PERMANENTLY CANCELLED. Contact: Frances Macaulay Forde for more information.
Frances responds to John on Linemine
Re: Goodby Poets Corner

Thanks John, I have always appreciated your support and one day, will

apply for some help to the library or ArtWA to use all that amazing

footage you have - it's a fabulous resource which needs to be

available to the public.

Not to mention, your time and expenditure needs to be repaid and

acknowledged in a practical way. One of the things I hope to have

more time for is video production, so I'll be in touch later.

I've told Janet I hope something new and fresh is initiated next year

but Poets Corner has run it's course and is now defunct.

I do not want to 'pass it on' or reinvent it - it worked extremely

well as it was: an opportunity for all poets to share their words.

I would be very pleased if Poets Corner is remembered for just that.



2008-10-21 06:04:08 GMT
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