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Response from Deanne Leber - Goodbye Poets Corner
Dear Frances,


I read your email before I went to work this morning, and was in tears. 


I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You made Poet's Corner an incredible space for people to perform - in understanding and comfort, as well as inspiration. 


As a poet, I appreciated the opportunity to perform at such a wonderful venue, with such welcoming arms... like a lot of writers, I sometimes find it difficult to perform in front of people - but no matter how shaky my voice (or how shaky my hands as i held my poems) i always felt protected... this was an environment free from judging - just the urge to share and listen and appreciate writers and their words... i always felt warm and welcomed the minute I stepped into the cafe...


The time that I spent hosting Poet's Corner was absolutely an inspiration!  Although I'm a bit doubtful about my hosting abilities (I tended to say "wow that was wonderful" a lot - but when it's all wonderful what else could I say!) Thank you for giving me that amazing opportunity!


I'm sorry that I haven't been to many readings in the past year...  Life has just become hectic... especially the past few months... but it was a comfort to know that Poet's Corner was there...


Thank you Frances, for everything!  I'm sure that whatever you do in the future will be sparkling with your amazing energy.  If you ever need a hand at anything, I'm here.


Best Wishes,

Deanne xx  

2008-10-21 12:27:00 GMT
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Thank you Deanne for those lovely words - I treasure every one.
You are exactly who I wanted to offer opportunities to... my ideal
- a uniquely talented individual who didn't recognise their own worth until someone gave them a space to stand up and show the world! I'm so glad you did.
Keep in touch.
Frances xx

--Frances Macaulay Forde
2008-10-29 00:07:18 GMT
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