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PERMANENTLY CANCELLED. Contact: Frances Macaulay Forde for more information.
Response Meg McKinlay - Goodbye Poets Corner
Dear Frances,

I'm very sad to hear that Poets Corner is no more, all the more so for not having been able to make it along myself for the last couple of months (the Little Athletics season knocks out most of our Saturday for a good five months over spring/summer, and much of Sunday is spent in recovery!). Thanks so much for all your work in getting it going and keeping it that way. I really liked the venue - central and bookish and public - and the vibe - casual and friendly and not at all rarefied - and the way people would wander past, then pause, then stop and hang in the doorway for a while before moving on, or, sometimes, sitting down for a listen. Poetry in the middle of everything. It's where it should be, I think, and not so much tucked away in cozy, hard-to-find corners. Anyway. Enough of what I know you already know, having hosted such a marvellous event for so long. But I'm sure you won't be moving on from poetry and that I'll see you and your work around the various traps.

Again, many thanks and all best wishes for whatever is next for you, even if it's simply a well-earned rest!

2008-10-21 12:38:18 GMT
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