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PERMANENTLY CANCELLED. Contact: Frances Macaulay Forde for more information.
My response to Janet Jackson's questions re 'Goodbye Poets Corner'.

Hi Janet,

Thanks again for these comments but I need to clarify things for you because you seem to have totally got the wrong impression:

I am very proud of Poets Corner and all it's been and want to keep its good reputation in tact.  I'm 'closing the curtains' on a high, not a low. 

Poets Corner is, was, and always will be my 'baby'.  I have nurtured and nursed it over three years. 

It was always my concept, I ran it on my own - although the festivals literally ran around Poets Corner, no-one else had anything to do with organizing my events - they always came first.  

Successive committees recognized it was a good base to 'hang' their celebrations around and I was fine with that. After all, I'm all about supporting and encouraging poetry in Perth.

But I always decided who did what at Poets Corner, I kept strict control and it was imbued with my personality and reputation. Even when guest hosts were invited, although they picked their readers, it was always my 'gig'.

I never, never intended handing 'my baby' over to anyone!

At one time I did think of getting a permanent host in with me still pulling the strings in the background, but in the end I don't even have the inclination for that!

Nothing has 'gone amiss' in my life - quite the opposite - I've been offered lots of paid work writing (my first love) which I now need to concentrate on or lose amazing opportunities.  Opportunities, I have waited a long time for.

I hope someone does start something next year! Something fresh & new! 

From all the wonderful responses I've received, some of which I have shared on my blog, Perth needs an 'un-cool' daytime event which caters for those who need one.  Especially in the library which is so central to transport.

But whoever does it will have to start from the ground up - like I did and build their own reputation with a new name.

…Something hip and refreshing, not staid and conservative...  something trendy to appeal to the young crowd.

Good luck with all you do.



Hopefully my intentions and reasons for closing POETS CORNER @ PAGES CAFE are now abundantly clear. 

I'll keep the website open for a while longer and upload all the photos I have so people can copy those they want.

Best wishes,



2008-10-22 02:36:36 GMT
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