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PERMANENTLY CANCELLED. Contact: Frances Macaulay Forde for more information.
June BLOOMED at Poets Corner

Coral Carter has promised to send a couple of photos she took of readers yesterday which I will include here asap.

34 people sat in silence drinking their coffee ~ and the words of 11 special guest poets and 3 Open Mic'ers.

A special Poets Corner this month devoted to the poems read by those published in 'The Weighing of the Heart' ~ the newest publication from Sunline Press and OOTA ~ and a most gratifying turn-out!

As the regular host and initiator of Poets Corner since 2005, Frances Macaulay Forde was asked to host (as usual) because at the 11th hour, Vivienne Glance was called away for a casting session.

Flora Smith led Rose van Son and Mags Webster then Mardi May. Mardi asked to go on earlier than scheduled by Viv, so she could leave early (she got a long way to drive home).

Janet Jackson, Sue Clennel and Ross Bolleter with Mags Webster performed just before our break. All four were also featured in the Poets Corner Chapbook published by Frances Macaulay Forde in 2005.

10 minutes later Sally Clarke, Maureen Gibbons, Debbie Hills and Susan O'Brien shared their words before the usual Open Mic session.

Trisha Saggers was the first to volunteer for Open Mic, inspired (she said) by the poems she heard that afternoon ~ encouraging her to share a couple of her newest with us.

John Blampey was equally inspired and read a sad missive to honour his son.

Caroline Sandbridge is a regular Poets Corner attendee and can always be relied upon to make us laugh ~ which she did.

We hoped to have copies of the books for sale but unfortunately, for whatever reason, we didn't.

We could have sole at least 6 or 10 during the afternoon. I was told another 5 cutomers approached the State Library Shop when we'd finished Poets Corner. The shop will contact the publisher to see if they can stock copies for future attendees of subsequent (3rd Saturday of the month) Poets Corner events!

Contact details for SUNLINE PRESS from their website:

Managing Editor: Roland Leach
21 Jarrad Street Cottesloe 6011

Our next Poet's Corner is on 21st July 2007 ~ contact Frances for details.

2007-06-18 09:13:22 GMT
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