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Review of Poets Corner ~ June

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Thanks to Coral Carter for her review:

Poets Corner on June 16 set the Pages Café in the Alexander Library building buzzing with excitement as a crowd gathered to hear readers from the new anthology of emerging Western Australian poets, “The Weighing of the Heart”, published by Sunline Press and OOTA.

First off the mark was Flora Smith, an enthusiastic member of OOTA and KSP who amused us with “Paris” a poem about the topical celebrity Paris Hilton.

Rose van Son, who loves language and the feeling that putting words together gives, sent our olfactory senses spinning as she read of flat leaf parsley, rosemary and lemon.

Mags Webster, ex London gave us an intimate insight into the world of someone far from home.

Janet Jackson, performed her poems with her usual zing. She will be performing in Melbourne this year as part of the Overload Poetry Festival. More of her work can be found at http://www.arach.net.au~huxtable/janet/proximity

Sue Clennell, read her rich, beautiful and sensual, “Loquat Eater” Look for extra at http://home.iprimus.au/sclennell/index.htm

Ross Bolleter gave us a narcotic sky, verges that were itchy and Rene Rivken who was not larger than death.

Mardi May read her poem about metal piercing also published in a book of poetry inspired by black and white photography, “Skin”.

Sally Clarke reminded us that children are our most precious resource in her disaster poem about the atrocity at Beslan.

Maureen Gibbons, a master of Creative Arts at Curtin University presented damask roses, thorns and white china bulldog bookends.

Debbie Hills, says her writing is her salt: crucial as weather; or moon; or tidal imagination and the memory of lights. She read several poems including “Dictionary of Where to Begin” and You Had To Be There”

Susan O’Brien concluded the readings from “The Weighing of the Heart”. Susan finds poetry a nebulous pleasure which has plagued her all her life, she read her poem “Counter Weight”.

Open mic heard York poet, songwriter Trisha Saggers who called for the banning of black, followed by a celebration of Leonard Cohen. John Blampey a new poet to Poets Corner read a touching and sad poem. We look forward to future work from John. The afternoon finished on a uplifting note when Caroline Sandbridge read an anthem to Alice Copper “at fifty seven he is quiet a trooper”, a protest against 000 buses and a dire warning against the effects of Bali belly.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of “The Weighing of the Heart” please contact Jo Clarke, president of OOTA on 9339 0847.

Coral Carter

For further information regarding POETS CORNER contact Frances Macaulay Forde @ http://www.geocities.com/poetscornerwa or on her personal website: http://www.francesmacaulayforde.com

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